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The Peregrin Took Weekly Challenge
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Peregrin100 is:
a weekly drabble community dedicated to Peregrin Took. Prompts will be issued weekly.

May 2006
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Really, I didn't.

I just got caught up in my schoolwork, that's all. I wish there were more of you writing, though. So please, continue with the Nightfall prompt. And I'll give you a new one if you should like it.

Prompt: Baptism.

Have fun!


Title: Darkness.
Challenge: Nightfall.
Word Count: 100.
Rating: G.

The last glimmer of daylight dissolved into darkness. Peregrin Took watched the sunset, pondering everything that had befallen his comrades and himself in the past year, the violent upheaval of everything they had known and believed in. Fighting in the War of the Ring had not been easy. Pippin had watched people die, had seen men blown to a myriad of pieces. While death had not claimed his friends or himself, it had certainly exacted its terrible toll. This war has destroyed our very existence, like the nightfall corrupts the day, he thought, as he drifted into a restless slumber.

Hello all, and welcome to peregrin100!

The first prompt is:

Quietly crept in
And changed us all.

-"Nightfall" by Blind Guardian.

Happy drabbling!

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